Oye Como Va!: The Santana Anibal Short Line in Geneva

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We get a certain kind of chill thinking how trendy a Spanish-made SUV could be in certain parts of the US; in particular, Jalopnik ports of call, New York and LA. Imagine thousands of Spanophile hipsters sweating Ibiza, getting gored by Pamplona's bulls, enduring a K-hole in Madrid and rocking a Santana Anibal in Silverlake. Originally a licensee of Land Rover in the 1960s, the off-roaders have evolved somewhat over the years, with the new models sporting IVECO common-rail turbodiesels. The company showed off its new, Short Line prototype, which is its own version of the LR Defender 90. Santana plans to bring the short-wheelbase version to market by the end of the year. And maybe then some hipster's Congressman dad can get the company an import waiver. There's probably a dealership opening in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, not Colonial) as we speak. [Thanks, Mattias.]

[via Auto Motor und Sport]

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