Own The World's Soggiest Pontiac Fiero For Just $175

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Last August, Houston Police pulled a Pontiac Fiero out of a 22-year slumber in the city's reservoir. Now it's up for sale. The Houston Art Car Parade is less than three months away. I think you see where this is going.


The news comes to us from swamplot, who also covered the news of the Fiero's initial retrieval from the bottom of Lake Houston.

The minimum bid on the auction at CoPart.com currently stands at $175 and we don't see it rising much from there. If it were our money, we'd make it into the world's first midengined donk and we'd call it "The Fauxarri From The Black Lagoon," but what about you?

Photo Credit: here at CoPart.com



There's probably still $175 worth of usable parts left on it somewhere, and what's left of the steel will bring a bit more for scrap, so its probably an OK price as long as someone wants to invest the time to dismantle it. But, it would be assinine to take the bidding any higher than the minimum.