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Over the Back Fence: US-Bound Fiesta to Be a Sedan?

Illustration for article titled Over the Back Fence: US-Bound Fiesta to Be a Sedan?

Carmakers are still apparently convinced US buyers would rather be poked in the eye with a stick than drive a hatchback. BMW's opted for a coupe for its US-bound 1-Series, not a snogback like the Euro model. Now, according to Edmunds Inside Line, Ford's planning to bring its Ford Fiesta model to the states as a sedan, not a hatch, as its sold in other countries. If you'll recall, the Fiesta was last seen in the US in the early '80s (pictured), as a pale competitor to the VW Rabbit. You can still find a decently preserved specimen or two rocking autocross courses, though you'd be hard pressed to find a roadworthy example that wasn't a mere pile of red dirt by now. But the Fiesta Hatch lived on across the pond, and talk of Ford bringing it o ver have been slinging since earlier this decade. But a sedan? Please Tell me it's not just about golf clubs.


Spy Photos: 2010 Ford Fiesta, U.S. To Get Sedan, Not Hatch [Edmunds]

Spy Photos: 2009 Ford Fiesta; Small-Car Showdown Coming: Ford May Throw a Mexican Fiesta in the US [internal]


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Mike Spinelli

@Packa: Absolutely — thus the Fiesta's storied autocrossing history. But the Rabbit won the market hands down. "Pale" may have been a rash choice of words, though.