Over The Back Fence: Nissan Altima And Lexus IS Going Topless?

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Maybe it's the hot sun from the long weekend, but we're hearing all sorts of rumors of convertible action coming from the land of the rising sun. The folks at the line that's always on the inside over at Edmunds are claiming Nissan's looking at green-lighting an Altima convertible to roll against the Toyota Solara and the Chrysler Sebring. But the budget brands aren't the only place we're hearing of an automaker from Japan with rumors of shining sunshine. ToMoCo's Lexus brand's got the folks at Nihoncar all in a tizzy. Specifically, they've hipped us to the rumors from the Japanese magazine "Car-Top" that the Lexus IS could be adding a drop-top to its IS lineup to challenge the BMW 3-series and the Mercedes C-Class. We've no idea if either rumor's true, but we do agree with our Nihoncar buddy G-A, who says

"...we all know how it goes nowadays in the automotive industry, there is no time to waste with false informations."


Ain't that the truth?

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