Over the Back Fence: Mini to Call Wagon Clubman, Launch it in 2008

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Hope you weren't married to Traveller, Mini fans, The Motoring File reports the largest of BMW's smallest will very likely be called the Mini Clubman. We're speaking of the long-wheelbase model that's been the subject of several concepts appearing at the world's auto shows during this past year. Securing he name "Traveller," MF notes, would require BMW to navigate a minefield of copyrights. Getting "Clubman," on the other hand, is probably only a matter of squashing some weird talcum-powder company.

The Mini Clubman [The Motoring File]

Call the Red Cross: The Mini Geneva Concept; Mini's Detroit Concept: No Tea, Ski; A Mini Picnic: Mini's Tokyo Concept; Frankfurt Premiere: Mini Concept Frankfurt [internal]


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You think? That's pretty straightforward for the Japanese.

I'm guessing it'll be something like "Ultra-Pilot Woodpecker J"

We should start a pool.