Over The Back Fence: Memorial Day Drop-Top Madness Infects Infiniti Next?

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Seems we're hearing a lot over the back fence today, eh? Not moments after penning the earlier post on what Nissan and Lexus are looking to bring out for a bright sunshine-y day, we were tipped off to a VWVortex thread on a Japanese magazine with a rendering for us to drop atop the Nissan rumor. The rendering is of an Infiniti G37 drop-top, which makes sense given the direction the rest of the luxe Japanese automakers are moving in. While it doesn't mean a Nissan Altima 'vert's on the way, as it's an entirely different platform, it certainly does help give some credibility to Nissan looking at all options on all two-doors. Or it's totally just misreading of the tea leaves by the Japanese auto media.


Infiniti G37 Hardtop Convertible... [VWVortex]

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