Over The Back Fence: M-Class To Go Hybrid?

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We're hearing from our UK-based friends at Auto Express that the Teutonic side of the German-American not-so-much "merger of equals" could be readying a diesel-electric hybrid M-Class. They're quoting an unnamed senior source at Mercedes as saying

"It's a safe bet that our first move into hybrids will come with the M-Class, using a 3.2-litre V6 Bluetec diesel."


It looks like if Mercedes does end up moving in this direction, they're hoping that by linking the two-mode hybrid system, developed with BMW and General Motors, to a Bluetec diesel engine they can eclipse the Lexus RX400h in fuel efficiency claims. Not the worst idea — but will problems and issues surrounding the sale of the Chrysler Group possibly force them to put this on hold? Who knows, I mean, we're just speculating away here.

Hybrid M-Class on way [Autoexpress.co.uk]

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