Over the Back Fence: BMW Still Angling to Buy Volvo?

Sources keep on sourcing, while the speculators keep on a-speculatin'. While a butchered Stevie Wonder lyric may not always be most apt for an automotive rumor, this one's as close as they come. New word from Sweden's Goteborgs-Posten indicates BMW's been performing due diligence duties on Volvo's finances. That story merged over the weekend with a Financial Times report that the Munich squad has been in "informal" talks with Ford regarding the sale of Volvo. Both reports build on a story from earlier this month indicating BMW looked at both Volvo and Alfa Romeo as takeover targets. Will BMW repeat its Rover debacle, or will it abandon its acquisition plans and continue to grow organically. Here's to hoping it's the latter.

Ford eyes sale of Volvo, BMW interested [MSNBC]; BMW among parties looking at Ford's Volvo Cars, sources say [Financial Times (UK)]


Bayrische Volvowerke? BMW Considered Purchasing Swedish Ford Division [internal]

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