Over the Back Fence: Audi TTS Coming to Frankfurt?

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We're putting ourself in the hands of our Hollander buddy Vincent and his resident Rembrandts for this bit of knowledge. Apparently Audi's preparing the S version of its new TT such that it'll appear in Frankfurt this September. Under the hood will be a turbocharged, 270-hp version of the 2.0-liter FSI mill, not the 3.6-liter six audistes are hoping to see in a TTRS model. Torque, it's said, will be in the 250-260 lb-ft range and zero-to-60 times are speculated to be around 5.6 seconds. Expect the typical S-Line body kit treatment. As for price, AB.nl says it'll set Euro currency holders back 38,500. No word on a US counterpart. (Note: Audi TT S-Line appearance package shown)


Audi TTS krijgt 2.0 liter Turbo FSI motor [Autoblog.nl]

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270 HP from a VAG 2.0T engine? I'd like that treatment (along with a factory warranty) for the 2.0T under the hood of my GTI, please.