The proper chaps at Automobile offer a glimmer of hope for those lamenting the Europe-only status of Audi's RS4 Cabriolet. According to one unnamed product planner, the book may not be closed on a US version. No similar ghost of a chance for the RS4 Avant, you wagoneers. A 420-hp Avant won't be coming to the parking lot of a stateside IKEA near an urban center anytime soon.

UPDATE: Our buddy George at Fourtitude says,

It makes sense ... Cabriolet is built at Karmann in Osnabruck, and can continue production even after Ingolstadt is re-tooled for B8 production. All Cabriolets will continue production for a while, so Audi of America (the BIGGEST market for cabriolet production worldwide) could and probably will tap into it so as to not be without an RS 4 offering. de Nysschen says it would make sense to do it in summer if they were to do it. Well, we know there's a 2008 RS 4 sedan planned, so expect it summer of 2009. My bet is they'll do it.


2008 Audi RS4 Cabriolet [Automobile]

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