Out of the Way, Knaves: It's Tank Limo!

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From the Fun with Government Surplus department comes Tank Limo, the toy-slash-business of some blokes with big ideas and a fleet of military equipment. It's a renovated field hustler fitted with smoked glass, a fridge, twin DVD players, back-up cameras and completely retrimmed interior. They're in process of installing 44 feet of remote neon tubes and a Jacuzzi, about which they say, "If you hear a rumor it's a 5 foot sheep dip with a pump and heat exchanger it might not be true." It can fit three crew and eight passengers (the tank, not the jacuzzi) and is perfect for weddings, proms or launching a coup on Bolivia. Your choice. [Tank Limo via Make]

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And the next time you get cut off in traffic, you can retaliate with a shell.