Out-Of-Fuel Plane Emergency Lands At Local Gas Station

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Emergency landings happen in all sorts of interesting places, like highways and the ocean. But after running out of gas, one pilot in Virginia managed to emergency land his Piper in a rather convenient place: A gas station. Brilliant!

TV station WUSA9 reports that the pilot of this Piper landed in the parking lot of a Wawa convenience store in Fredericksburg near Shannon Airport this morning. He was headed headed from Tampa to Charlottesville but was diverted several times due to weather and ended up running out of fuel. He was instead forced to land near the parking lot of the Wawa.


Thankfully, no one was injured, although the pilot took out a mailbox and a parking sign.

Authorities have no word yet on when the plane will be removed. What, the Fredericksburg Wawa doesn't carry aviation gasoline?


Update: Here's WUSA's video of the landing site.


Photo credit WUSA9