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Oshkosh's freshly-updated M-ATV, a giant off-road war machine they consider "medium," is now being fitted with the company's TerraMax technology. This allows the M-ATV to drive itself, with the purpose of clearing paths for larger, clumsier cargo-transporting trucks that are more vulnerable to attack.

This year's M-ATV has been up-fitted from the outgoing model with more advanced independent suspension with 20" of independent wheel travel and adjustable ride height. Modular armor allows the truck to be stripped or strapped depending on mission needs, and a new engine improves acceleration while reducing fuel consumption.

Driverless function won't require real-time input from a controller. The TerraMax tech can guide a vehicle to a destination while avoiding obstacles, adapting to weather, and even obeying rules of the road.


Here's a clip of the M-ATV in action, along with a few other Oshkosh trucks and a little military-vehicle history lesson. You can always mute and cue up some Metallica if the PR-dribbling drone of Oshkosh President John Urias gets to you.