Oshawa, Ontario GM Plant To Build Mysterious Second RWD Vehicle

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The tentative agreement announced earlier today between the Canadian Auto Workers and the General apparently contains provisions for, among other things, increased GM investment in production of a new vehicle at the Oshawa, Ontario plant. Why does this plant sound so familiar? Well, it's probably because it's where the 2010 Chevy Camaro will be built. Although it's unknown what this second vehicle they'll be building there later this year will be, we do know it'll be rear-wheel drive. Feel free to go ahead and begin your speculation after the jump, but our money's on a large Cadillac or a Buick, maybe even a Caprice! The opportunities feel endless! But what say you? [CTV.ca]


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I would care if I truly believed that it wasn't going to suck.

The General has brought us a few interesting vehicles in recent years, but they are still batting less than .500.

They are batting even lower if you consider that most of the interesting offerings are from overseas divisions.

Rear wheel drive piques my interest, but the smart money says that it will be lame.

Still... *fingers crossed*