Forget everything you thought you knew about taillights and marker lights and indicators. Just let your mind go blank, because it's gonna get blown, my friends. Because Optronics just released their 2014 catalog, and it's a 276-page mind scrambler.

Each page is an amber-and-red glowing hammerpunch to your face as you reel from each new innovative LED light unit, many with integrated reflectors incorporating the GloLight brand's technology, which offers

patented light diffusing material that gives them a distinctive, smooth, brightly glowing appearance on the periphery of the lens.

Take a moment for yourself now. Look at a fixed point, and just breathe. Okay? Let's just try and keep calm. We all know these are some of the most fucking amazing side marker and taillights you've ever seen — hell, that may have ever fucking existed since the dawn of man, but get a grip. Dear lord it's so hard to keep it together.


Each page of the catalog offers a new delight; I suggest taking precautions so that you prepare yourself adequately emotionally before turning to pages like the STL111 Flange Mount Series or the amazing, iconic yet updated STL161 Series GloLight™ Combination Tail Lights, because normal humans just can't handle this degree of raw, unadulterated triumph of the human will without some mental conditioning.

The full PDF is here, and I suggest taking a few days off work to adequately experience it.

I love you all.