Here is a glance at Desert Storm “by the numbers”:

Coalition: 39 countries, of which 28 contributed combat forces

Force size: Approximately 670,000 troops from 28 countries, 425,000 of which were from the United States.


Coalition air component size: 2,250 combat aircraft, 1,800 of which were American

Price: Estimated $61 billion dollars of which Gulf States covered $36 billion while Germany and Japan covered $16 billion


U.S. combat related deaths: 147

U.S. non-combat related deaths: 145

Iraqi deaths: 100,000+

Coalition POWs taken during the war: 26

Iraqi POWs taken during the war: 70,000+

Coalition aircraft lost: 75 total, 63 U.S. and 12 allied

Iraqi aircraft lost in air-to-air engagements: 42

Iraqi aircraft lost on the ground: 81

Iraqi aircraft flown to Iran: 137

Number of oil well fires Saddam set off: 610

Millions of gallons of crude oil dumped into the Persian Gulf: Up to 11 million barrels


Coalition sorties flown: 100,000+

Tons of bombs dropped: 88,500

Cruise missiles fired: 297 Tomahawks plus 35 CALCMs

GPS units fielded at the time: 1,332

Coalition airlift: 509,129 passengers and 594,730 tons of cargo carried

Iraqi tanks lost during the war: 3,700 out of 4,280 in inventory

Dollars Iraq owed Kuwait before they invaded: $14 billion

Iraqi SCUD missiles launched: 81

Number of U.S. Carrier Battle Groups: 6

Aerial refueling: 15,434 sorties and dispensed 110.2 million gallons of fuel

30mm depleted uranium rounds fired by A-10 Warthogs: 782,514

Number of air-to-air missiles fired by U.S. aircraft: 174

Number of anti-radiation missiles fired at Iraqi radars: 2,039

Number of dumb bombs dropped: 210,004 of which 39.336 were cluster munitions

Number of smart bombs (LGB/EO) dropped: 9,342

Number of air-to-ground missiles fired: 5,930 (excludes those fired by the U.S. Army)


Duration of air campaign before ground invasion: 39 days

Ground war duration: 100 hours


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Photos via DoD archive/wikicommons