Opel Manta + 280ZX + Toyota Truck + Keyword Spam = $2000!

What do you do when you have three (barely) running project cars and no motivation to fix them? Put 'em all in one big deal and make a Craigslist package deal! We're looking at a '74 Opel Manta, an '80 Toyota pickup, and an '83 Datsun 280ZX here; sure, the photos are a bit uninformative (though numerous) and we must say the massive block of keyword spam is a bit off-putting, but what the hell. Note: please don't flag the referenced craigslist post for the sin of keyword spam until later tonight, so that everyone here who wants to take a look can see it.

Datsun 280zx, opel manta 1900, 80 toyota truck - $2000 [craigslist Los Angeles]

Screw You Tweaker, You're Not Selling Bumbeck's Starion!! [internal]


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