Oops, Porsche Caymans Aren't Supposed To Have Three Wheels

Hello, No. 4. Team TGM Porsche Cayman GT4. I don’t know if you can see it because it’s behind you, but I think you may have felt it. Last I checked, I don’t think you’re supposed to only have three wheels. You’re totally missing something, man. Like a wheel. An entire wheel.

A collision early in this afternoon’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race between the Porsche and an Aston Martin left this Cayman missing something very important.


See this, Cayman owners? Your car, sadly, is not a BMW Isetta. I know it’s confusing sometimes, but now that it’s been tested out, I recommend keeping all four wheels on the car.

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Any idea where the #28 Porsche in GS finished? I just realized Dillon Machavern is one of the drivers, I used to watch him compete and win at regional SCCA Spec Miata Club Races (scroll down in the link to find his profile) in the Southeast before he moved onto faster rides...and I guess he worked his way into a CTSC machine!