Ooooh: More Totally Feasible Flying Car Ideas

Photo: Airbus

At the Geneva Motor Show, aircraft manufacturer Airbus unveiled it was designing a concept car with Italdesign that reportedly—reportedly, we stress—could be airlifted by a drone over a traffic jam.

According to Automotive News, it’ll work like this: Once a vehicle hits traffic congestion, a drone will pick it up and fly it to a destination. Really.


Here’s more:

The new Italdesign/Airbus concept would be a ground/air vehicle that would offer fast, shared individual mobility in crowded megacities.

Italdesign, Audi’s design and engineering subsidiary, is looking to innovative future mobility solutions to increase its engineering and prototype business, as well as to expand its customer base beyond traditional automakers.

Neither company commented to Automotive News, but the trade publication says this isn’t related to Airbus’ planned prototype for a helicopter-style car, which it swears it’ll be testing by years-end.

I’m picturing a malfunctioned car-pickup drone scooping up the wrong vehicle. This isn’t a good look. But yeah, sure, flying cars. Cool. Very cool ...

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