OnStar announced today they're officially working with Google to deepen OnStar's mobile app development and expand the reach of OnStar's "eNav service." Basically, it'll attempt to make the Chevy Volt even more "Jesus Car"-like than before.

The public will get their first peek at what OnStar and Google are working on at the Google I/O conference May 19-20 in San Francisco, CA. OnStar engineers will debut and demonstrate new functionality they're developing for the Chevrolet Volt mobile application by leveraging Google technology and the Android platform.

So although this initial development is merely the inclusion of the "navigation" tab on the already-revealed Android app, we're glad to hear GM's OnStar team's working closely with Google local services. If they're going to leapfrog the competition with the Chevy Volt, they've got to have tie-ups like this in place in order to do it.