Only in Geneva: One Man's One-Off Ferrari Concept Is Another's Daily Driver

Seriously, if you were Giorgietto Giugiaro, wouldn't you drive your one-off Ferrari concept car across the Alps to Switzerland? And once you got there, wouldn't you just slam it into a parking garage, in sight of all the plebes' Ford Focus C-Maxes and Renault Twingos? The Winding Roadies caught Giugiaro's Ferrari GG50, which was a gift to himself on occasion of his family firm's 50th anniversary. It even has road mud. We'd imagine him saying something like, "The car, she is made to be driven, not kept like in a root cellar next to the dried cod, like grandmother." Maybe not exactly like that.

Geneva Motor Show: One-Of-A-Kind Ferrari Casually Parked In Swiss Garage [Winding Road]


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