Online Gamers Fleeing US Automakers Like Orcs Fleeing The Demon Aztheroc

As if domestic automakers didn't have enough problems lately, a new study by the Ziff Davis Game Group found that online gamers weren't moved by their offerings. Specifically, the survey found that though the majority of gamers own American-made cars, nearly 80% of those gamers are intending to buy an import. Of these, Toyota and Honda both make up 41% of expected purchases and Nissan makes up 25% (it's unclear if this includes Lexus/Infintit/Acura). Apparently, the Toyota WoW advertising is working.

The study also found that 58% of gamers plan on purchasing a new car within the next 12 months and 36% of this demographic intends to buy a hybrid, which seems a little high. Not surprisingly, gamers are willing to pay extra for iPod dock capability, GPS and what they call "surround sound." We have some issues with the way the questions were asked but can believe the results. [BusinessWeek]

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