One Small Step For A Fiat, One Giant Leap For Electric Cars

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Ignore all the lying hybrid supercars: The Atomik 500 shows how electric power can be both clean and fun. As a bonus, it's faster than the Fiat 500 it's based on and is capable of... space travel?


Th destined for the Top Marques exotic car show in Monaco, we're not sure how the Atomik 500 ended up on the moon. Powertrain details, like the flight plan used to obtain this photo, are top secret — Atomik will admit to little more than an electric motor with performance equivalent to that of a 300-hp internal-combustion engine and a 5.6-second 0-60-mph time. (The car's 1/4-mile time is claimed to be in the 14-second range.) Energy storage comes courtesy of an unknown quantity of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries.


Looking at the cut-away graphic, it looks like there's an electric motor in each front wheel, but only a single motor for the rear axle. Batteries are stored under the floor, which should keep the center of gravity incredibly low, aiding the 500's already go kart-like handling.

Neither Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, nor Gianni Agnelli were available for comment.

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I don't care what it's powered by, all I know is that I WANT a 500 with that exact stance and wheel size.