This Vintage Rally Video Will Make You Appreciate Your Modern Car

Nothing will make you appreciate ABS and traction control quite like this video.

You're watching the 1977 Lombard RAC Rally, the UK's WRC event. It was run without pace notes, covered over 1,800 miles, a third of which was run on flat-out competitive stages, day and night, from race tracks to the darkest depths of the forest. To say it was a test of man and machine would be an understatement.

Just go through the video and you'll get a sense of how hard these top drivers had to work and you'll understand how much a modern computer-aided automobile assists you behind the wheel. Just seeing the live rear axle Mk. II Escorts squirm under braking raises my blood pressure.

Man, that looks fun.

(Via Rallye-Mag/Rallye Forum)

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man, that was like my drive into work this morning in the cruiser. It was puking snow (3 inches in 40 minutes) and even though I have great tires i was moving about. I locked the center diff and it helped (though I lost ABS, the only electronic aid I had to start) and then I locked the rear diff and it was good times happy drift show hour!