One more angle of the 230 mph Corvette crash

The folks at Hinson Motorsports posted another angle of this weekend's scary 230 mph Corvette crash at the Texas Mile. Skip to 3:38 to see the crash, watch the whole thing to see how they made the power.


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

Landie would like to comment regarding the way some YouTube clips are handled...

One day, the average person will know from instinct NOT BE A STUPID CUNT AND POINT THE FUCKING CAMERA AWAY FROM THE ACTION!!

And one day, dickheads who posts like video, would NOT ADD STUPIDLY LAME, SO CALLED 'ALTERNATIVE MUSIC' AS A BACKING TRACK TO THE FUCKING CLIP!! The world doesn't need to know your retarded musical tastes. Stick your Limp Bizkit and your Creed where it belongs, either up your arse or in the trash.