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One Final Embargo Break For Detroit: The Ear Of Rick Deneau

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

For those part of the whole "embargo debate" which seemed to be the big meta-discussion here in Detroit, we've got a special embargo break just for you. This is the ear of Rick Deneau, the Chrysler Group PR man who, as you remember, referred to the interwebs as being part of some nebulous "otherwise." He was spotted last night at DaimlerChrysler's big auto show bash at the Firehouse across the street from Cobo Hall. No word on performance numbers yet, but rest assured we'll be looking to do an early release of this particular model's embargoed information as soon as we get our meaty little hands on more than just this teaser shot of his ear.


Christmas In February: Chrysler Hands Buff Books an Embargo Loophole [internal]

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From what I am gathering it must have been a slow news day for Jalopnik today?