This Guy Took An F1 Car To A Trackday And Dominated Everything

How much faster is an F1 car than a normal car? Like, any other car? Like, literally any other car you might see at a trackday? Hella fucking fast.

This dude took an old Arrows A22 F1 car (not by any means the fastest of its day, as WTF1 points out) to Zolder and put everything else there to shame.

Remind me to buy a retired F1 car when I have the chance.

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On the flipside of this coin, I'd love to see an "average" or"mediocre" Formula 1 driver do a track day in something like a Miata or non-AMG C-Class and decimate all. Make a video with someone who always gets ragged on, like Max Chilton, and have them destroy regular people in an average car. Chris Harris, get on this!