Tesla Motors, hot off of beginning deliveries for its new Model X SUV, has now confirmed itā€™s working on not one, but two ā€˜affordableā€™ electric vehicles which it hopes to sell for around $30,000. Following the current Model S and Model X, Tesla plans to introduce a Model 3 and Model Y. S3XY.

Remember when Ford killed Tesla Motorā€™s CEO Elon Muskā€™s attempt at bringing ā€œS.E.X.ā€ to the market by introducing a compact electric sedan slotted between the Model S and Model X to be called the Model E? Well he found a way around that, with all-but-confirmed reports that the ā€œModel 3" will be unveiled this March, and it may not be the only new model to come from Tesla this year.

Earlier today Electrek ran an article claiming that a second-hand source confirmed that Tesla would show off a compact electric sedan called the ā€œModel 3" this March (as has been previously reported). They also claimed that Tesla would simultaneously introduce a smaller SUV or CUV called the ā€œModel Yā€ with Falcon doors similar to the the Model X, which would be based on the same new ā€œpancakeā€ electric battery platform as the upcoming small sedanā€”which weā€™ve heard about since June of last year.


A Tesla spokesperson reached out to Electrek, who updated their original post, claiming this report was ā€œwrong,ā€ but confirmed that the Model 3 was due to be revealed on schedule this March, and that the electric automaker was in fact working on another new vehicle that would share its platform.

As for the ā€œModel Yā€ nameā€”it was no joke when Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted out (and then deleted) that there would be ā€œa Model 3 and Model Y,ā€ fulfilling the brandā€™s S.3.X.Y. lineup. Weā€™ll just have to wait and see if that nomenclature stands after Teslaā€™s March announcement of its prospective sub-$30,000 car.

Screenshot from 60 Minutes via Electrek


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