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This 1939 Peterbilt 260 was the first truck Peterbilt ever constructed in entirety, and only fourteen others like were built that year. It spent years languishing in the Arizona desert until Bob Dean, a professional auto restorer with a shop in Louisiana, found it and saw something worth saving.

Overdrive Online says the truck was "completely inoperable" when Dean discovered it in 1996, but after shipping it to his shop and dedicating "hundreds of hours" to its restoration, he got it "90%" of the way back to life.


Peterbilt saw what he'd done, and bought the truck off him in late 2013. They put "over 200 hours" into completing the project, and now have it on display at Peterbilt's Headquarters in Texas, where you can get your photo taken with it and where it will likely spend the rest of its days.

Images: Peterbilt

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