You would think a two-minute short film starring octopuses in love and in which the fastest vehicle is a Piaggio Ape cannot possibly be filled with fast-paced action. But you would be wrong.


Oktapodi was created in 2007 as a graduate project by a team of French students at the Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image, a Parisian film school. It has gone on to win a number of awards and was even nominated this year for an Oscar in the animated short film category.

What makes the short such a treat even if you’re not a particular fan of cephalopods is the choice of vehicle to depict breakneck speed: the Vespa-based Piaggio Ape minitruck, featured here on Jalopnik a short while ago. In a genre where V8’s never hurt and tractor trailers can come in very handy, the truck in Oktapodi is equipped in real life with three to fifteen cubic inches of single cylinder power.


But Oktapodi shows that when it comes to flinging vehicles about with reckless abandon, it’s not the size of your engine that counts.


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