Compared to most mainstream special-interest sites, I suspect that Jalopnik readers are far more familiar with the Dragons Fucking Cars meme/movement than most. Even so, this is one of those things that you can never know too much about, which is why I was so pleased to see this interview with one of the movement's leaders.


There's lots of good stuff in the interview, which is with Dragon-Car-Loveplay artist Daniel Denta, known as CLXIX. I'll pull a few highlights out here.

On why, oh god why:

It suggests something about the bestial nature of mankind. That he is both God and animal. He is the highest of all organic beings, the lowest of all spiritual beings and a resolution of these two opposites, driven by the primal desires for lust and reproduction. My work is more suggestive than explicit. I'm not some sicko. I don't show any close-up shots of penetration or the dragon's phallus. I like to focus more on the positions.


On if it has to be a car:

I don't see why air conditioners, or other mechanical things, couldn't be fucked.

I think I want that embroidered on a throw pillow.


And, if the artist was a car to be fucked by a dragon, what sort of car would he be?

If I were to get fucked by a dragon as a car, hypothetically, I would have to be the car that I drive, a Pontiac G6. It fits me perfectly. I would love to say a Ferrari or something exotic, but I don't live up to that yet. I bought this car around Christmas, so Dragon Claus came by to fuck it.

This is a really revealing and edifying interview from our friends at Voactiv.