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Okay, here’s that guide to how open your Renault 4CV sunroof should be in various situations you wanted. To recap, windmills:closed, traffic: half-open, rural areas: NO SUNROOF, shipyards: half, and mountain ranges: full. Please commit this to memory so we can avoid any unfortunate incidents.


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Half-track El Camino

Most 4CV families owned two cars, in order to have one that was suitable for all areas. Early on, some people attempted to enter the countryside after filling the seams around their closed sunroof with toothpaste as a temporary caulking, but that stopped after the first time a family was caught in a rainstorm while racing back to town. I won’t go into detail as to what happened, but I’ve seen the news articles from that time and I will say that I was surprised by how graphic they were, even for the French.