OK Go is known for their incredibly planned and executed videos, one of which even featured my former LeMons racecar. This time, they've got something pretty amazing, and it uses a bunch of Hondas we don't have here (yet): the UNI-CUB electric unicycle.


The UNI-CUB (uses the same gyroscopic self-balancing technology Honda uses in their Asimo sexbots robots, and it employs an 'omni-directional drive wheel system,' which seems to be a spherical driven wheel. It's primarily designed for indoor use, but based on the video, it looks like some light outdoor use is fine. The UNI-CUB (I'm guessing the name is referring to the famed Honda Cub motorcycle) is controlled by the rider shifting body weight, which seems to be why such natural and tight choreography was achieved in the video.

Also, the UNI-CUB looks like a penguin:

Illustration for article titled OK Go Amazes Again With Electric Honda Unicycles

The video, directed by Japanese directors Kulash and Kazuaki Seki, is also pretty amazing in that it seems to contain what may be the biggest full-color, umbrella-based dot matrix display ever developed. Oh, and it was shot with an experimental multi-rotor camera drone.

Watch it, it's pretty amazing.

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