Oh Yes She Did: Brandy Involved in Fatal Accident

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We will admit that not only have we never seen Moesha, we've never even heard Brandy sing. If we did either, we weren't aware of it. Still, as this is the blog that exists in the form all things that are cars, um, we'll just show you this;

"Brandy was driving her Land Rover on a freeway Dec. 30 and did not notice that cars ahead of her had slowed, law enforcement sources said. She reportedly struck a Toyota, causing a chain reaction involving at least two other cars that left the Toyota driver dead."


In other news, Paris Hilton got 40 hours of community service and a meaningless fine for her DUI, but no one actually cares anymore.

Brandy involved in fatal car crash, police say [msnbc.com]

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Luckily for us, her career has been long dead. Also, why'd you guys post up a picture of Patrick Ewing?