Oh Yes, GT3 Cars Are Coming To World Challenge

Do you like watching racing McLarens, Lamborghinis, GT-Rs, and Ferraris? Great news! A source has confirmed that GT3 cars are coming to the Pirelli World Challenge.

Yes, GT3 spec cars are being added to the existing field of touring and GT cars in the Pirelli World Challenge, which you know for being full of Cadillacs, Volvos, Acuras, Mustangs, and Fiats. As you'll remember from our class-by-class GT racing guide, GT3 spec cars include BMW Z4s, Mercedes SLS AMGs, Audi R8s, Ferrari 458s, McLaren 12Cs and just about every other sports car on the market.


The benefit for teams is that World Challenge cars will be usable elsewhere, and the benefit for us viewers is that totally amazing race cars will be pouring through some of the best road courses in the world, right here in the US of A. Be excited.

Photo Credit: McLaren

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