I’m a Big Wheel owner. Usually, my kid drives it, but I can say it’s a vehicle with some really great attributes: light, simple, easy, and it has little spring-loaded clackers. What it’s not good at is driving on any sort of highway. Someone should tell this Philadelphia Big Wheel-like driver that, because this motherfucker on Interstate 76 is riding a fucking Big Wheel.

Now, that decisive description isn’t mine, it’s this Philly-area motorist’s:

And, of course, he’s absolutely on the money.

This happened on Sunday, and whoever this loon is, they were causing some real traffic problems pedaling that stupid trike out there. The rider was at least properly attired to ride on a highway on a three-wheeled trike, with a hoodie with the hood pulled up and tight, which has to be as good as a helmet, and some chinos that I’m sure would be fantastic at protecting against road rash if he got dragged behind a semi.


Also, it’s worth noting that the vehicle in question is not, strictly speaking an official Big Wheel. A real Big Wheel looks like this:

This thing looks more like a home-built recumbent trike of some kind, with a bike wheel (with direct drive pedals, so no coasting?) up front and nice fat roller-like tires at rear. The steering seems to be handled with a pair of crotch-adjacent rods.


This was covered by a lot of Philly-area news channels, but I find this one the most baffling:

Why did they seek out cyclists to ask about this idiot? Do they think they’re going to find one that says “I agree with this sensible man’s rational actions and support his future endeavors wholeheartedly.”


I wonder if this guy has some really good reason why he was doing this that will make everyone say “Ooooh, okay, okay, I get it. NOW this makes sense.” I’d love to know what that answer could be.