There has never been a car that says “Yes I have Chlamydia and yes I have coke” quite like the Vector W2 Twin Turbo. Its PR photos are as hilariously bad/good as you’d expect. No, they’re actually better/worse.

Holy shit, the ‘80s. It’s an overload. Like, you could drive a Lamborghini Countach into Magnum PI’s Ferrari, while listening to WHAM and selling arms to Iran over the car phone and it would not be as ‘80s as these pictures. Also Fraggle Rock is there for some reason.


We’re not exactly sure what these pictures are for. They are listed as “Vector W2 Fashion Shoot” on several blogs, and another page features them along with a car magazine test between a Vector, a Countach, and a Testarossa. Two of the pictures clearly show the 1980 Vector W2 Twin Turbo prototype, why others are listed as being from 1982 on the excellent

We assume that these are press materials distributed by Vector, though its possible the car was being used as a prop by another company. It wouldn’t be the first time that had happened, as you can see in this frankly outstanding Timex ad with a Vector in it.

What’s great about these Vector pics are that they take the slight teases of most car brochures to their logical extreme. They’re not unlike illustrator Bruce McCall’s golden age cartoon lampoons of American car excess. I mean, there’s a nipple in one of these pics.


It just goes downhill from there.

These pictures appear to be from some French brochure, but the text is blurred out mysteriously.

Here are those "fashion shoot" pictures. Why the girl is hanging out of the car I can't say.

If you have any information as to where exactly these pictures are from let us know. If you happen to be Gerry Weigert reading this from your orbiting space capsule of awesome, you can reach me at Raphael at jalopnik dot com.