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Sorry Brit deuce fans, it looks like the only way you're getting one of GM's "global" Kappa-platform cars is if you're willing to head through the chunnel and pick up an Opel GT on the mainland for transport back. That's because the folks over in the RenCen have made the decision they can't make a case for bringing the GT across in a re-badged-for-Vauxhall and right-hand-drive-enabled form. Too bad lads, it seems the General's "global" platform is more like "global sans one." But hey, according to the folks at Auto Express you'll be getting that new re-badged Aussie Commodore sled as the Monaro, so hey, that's one thing you've got. Plus, since you're British, you've no fear of looking less-than-manly, so the Audi TT's still totally up your alley.

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