It's one thing to find someone selling an expensive, high-end older car that happens to be in mint condition. You see those all the time. But it's something else entirely to find an affordable older car that's being sold in fantastic shape.

The other day, our friends at Petrolicious found this 1985 Mazda RX-7 for sale on eBay. It's among the last of the first-generation RX-7s, and I have to say it's also the cleanest and nicest example of such a car I have ever seen.

Let's face it: older RX-7s don't tend to be in mint condition. Their owners love them and drive them hard, and they were never that expensive to begin with. But this one is practically in showroom shape. It's stunning and an absolute steal at just under $5,000.


I thought I'd turn this idea into a Show Us challenge on this slow Sunday afternoon. What's the nicest cheap older car you can find for sale?

I'm talking about great, affordable, normal old cars that happen to be in excellent shape. Show me what you've got!