Offroading A Bentley Is The Most British Motorsport Ever

Lads! Let's round up the old Bentley, polish her up a bit, and take her mudding on a slippy trial in the middle of the woods! Right ho!


I know that real British people nowadays are too busy doing designer drugs to do this kind of thing, but it still strikes this American as the most classically aristocratic sport from fair Albion I'll ever see. I mean, unless some duke comes up with a way to play polo while riding on his servants.

Here's a full explanation of what the hell is going on in this video, showing the VSCC's Hereford Trial. The video above is from 2008, the explanatory video below, 2013.

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My father has been a member of the Bentley Drivers Club for a number of years now. We used to attend meetings of vintage owners throughout the UK. There are very few vintage cars which live the life of showroom princess. The vast majority of the owners

I've seen an early 20's 3, 4 1/2 which was at one point owned by a Middle Eastern Family being driven round a go-kart track sideways. This car is totally original, the owner would tell you it still has the air in the tires that it came with. What is the value of this car? Who knows as I couldn't guess how much it costs to cover the whole thing in 24k GOLD LEAF! Never been restored, gold leaf flicking off in the wind as he does his best to overheat the archaic drum brakes. Not a damn is given.