Official Obama License Plates Make President Jump Shark

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Illinois continues to push President Obama as a full-time celebrity with commemorative license plates with a curiously short lifetime.


These limited edition Obama license plates are just $50! You heard me right, just $50 and you too can be rolling in true 'Bama style. Even though these plates are only good for 60 days beginning February 17th and ending April 17th, the memories will last forever.


But wait! There's more! All of your plate-purchasing dollars will be given straight to Illinois libraries. Not only do you get a stunning pair of Obama plates, but you'll also get that warm feeling that usually only comes from our other great seller, delicious Breakfast Scotch®. Call Now!


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petejayhawk thinks jim spanfeller is a herb


Illinois releases commemorative plates for just about EVERYTHING. For example:

And love him or hate him, Obama is the first president from Illinois since Grant (Reagan was raised in Illinois but is generally considered to be "from" California).

So let's cool it with the partisan hackery and outrage, OK?