Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: New Auto Show; New Round of Rules!

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Old Werty Wert has gotten himself more face time on America's #3 (or is that #4?) cable news network, CNBC. Ah, I can see it now; the wide-eyed stares, the threatening sideways glances, those sexy pursed lips... Ahem, since it is a new year, yee olde boozin' game needs new rules. Ray will be talkin' 'bout everybody's favorite topic from 2006 — Hybrids! While you all get to decide the rules, I'm saying that if Wert doesn't stand up and scream, "Without nuclear power, plug-in hybrids are nothing but feel good Band-Aids hiding a gaping chest wound!!" I'm slamming a fifth of something strong and brown. For those who want to play along at home, Ray will be on CNBC's "On The Money" at 7:20 PM Eastern Time tonight. Happy drinking.

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