Official Car Pundit Drinking Game: DaimlerChrysler Wants A Chery To Get On Top Of The B-Segment

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Well, Wert's just all over the place tonight. Just in time to finish the year off with a shot, we've got ourselves one final edition of the only Official Car Pundit Drinking Game, our apparently half-paralyzed in the smile Associate Editor from Detroit will be on CNBC's "On The Money" this evening at 7 PM EST this evening to discuss DaimlerChrysler's hope for a profitable entrance into the B-segment by way of a Chinese manufacturer which wished its crash tests were as sweet as the name sounds. But now it's your turn — let's see if anyone's still around to come up with some new rules. As always, if you're confused — here's your reference guide, helpfully translated from Mandarin.


On The Money [CNBC]

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