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Off-Road Chevelle! Yikes!

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When people consider the 707 area code (if they think of it at all), gentle, rolling hills covered in grape vines come to mind. Or the hip-hop of E-40 and his crew (although Fowty sold out his area code and moved to the 925). Often neglected is the serious redneck quotient in the North Bay. And what's more seriously redneck than mounting a GTO front clip on a lifted El Camino? How about being too lazy to even go that far and just dropping a Chevelle coupe body on top of K-5 Blazer running gear. Also features something called a "way cool," but we're not sure what it is; the seller has it listed between the "35x14.50 x 15 tsl thornebird tires" and the "power steering." He will trade it to you for a Buell. [Thanks to Alex for the tip.]


67 chevell 4x4 monster car [craigslist]

Run For Your Lives! It's El Goatamino! [Internal]

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For some reason, all I think of is a bastardized version of a line from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

"That Chevelle is an important artifact; it belongs in a museum."