Watch This Armless Man Build Toy Cars With His Feet

If you’re like me and have a bunch of half-finished art and other projects all around you, get ready to feel that strange, heady mix of inspired and feeling like a loser. This is Geraldo Pereira, and he builds charming toy cars. With his feet. Because he has no arms.

When I get frustrated because I can’t get one something to fit right into some other something, I need to remember this amazing guy, because he’s doing all sorts of cutting and fitting and shaping and painting, all with his feet. Pereira, who was born without arms, travels all over Brazil making and selling his little cars and trucks, and has become something of a celebrity.

The cars and trucks are pretty charming, regardless of what limbs made them, too! From the video I can see there’s several kinds of trucks, including tanker trucks and stakebed pickups, and there’s hardtop and convertible cars, some with fetching two-tone paint.


This guy’s a good reminder of how adaptable people can be.

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Of course he hammers nails straighter than I do with my hands ...

On a mostly unrelated note, how’s your Reliant doing? We were discussing a diecast Scimitar (by Corgi Juniors) over on LaLD, and yours came to mind.