Of Course a Toyota Corolla Can Rally

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Screenshot: Team O’Neil Rally School (YouTube)

If you’ve never paid much attention to the humble Toyota Corolla, then perhaps now is the time to start. The Toyota has a reputation for being the sensible purchase for the economically minded, but it’s also a car for the part-time rally driver. Or full-time. I don’t know your life.


In the newest episode of Will It Rally?, Team O’Neil Rally School’s Wyatt Knox takes out a 10th generation Toyota Corolla on the snowy course. Does it need more power? A bit. Does it need a limited-slip diff, skid plates and a stiffer suspension? Yes, yes and yes. But still! It’ll rally for sure, unlike me on a Sunday morning after a night at the tiki bar.

Admittedly, Knox doesn’t seem quite as confident here as he did behind the wheel of the Astro van. The Corolla appears to needs more balancing and concentration to drive and he needs to make up for some lost time “with some bravery,” but ultimately crosses the finish line without rolling.

So there! The Corolla can rally. Don’t knock it until you try it.

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