Odo Problem Causes Honda to Extend Warranties

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While the SAE says that odometer accuracy plus or minus 4% is within the realm of acceptability, Honda's setting a class action suit filed by owners of Accords bought between April 12, 2002 and November 7, 2006, by 5% after the vehicles' odos were found to be off as much as 3.75%, shorting the owners on their warranty coverage. Six million vehicles are affected by the settlement. Meanwhile, owners of Nissan Altimas are filing a similar suit, claiming they're being shorted by around 2.5%.


Honda says odometers on 6M cars click off mileage at too-quick pace [USA Today via Autoblog]

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I've never had a speedo read low, but I've had one that was bang on. My dad's '86 Toyota PU - back when they still called it Pickup and nothing else - had zero error. My '87 PU, identical in all other respects, reads a whopping 10% high. I never considered the warranty aspect, though. It's only been to the shop twice.