Obvio.US: Brazilian Flexfuel, Electric Cars Coming to the States

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Flexfuel and electric-car aficinados (and Kermit the Frog impersonators) in the US will soon have their pick of Brazilian-built Obvio! cars. Word came down yesterday that California's Zap will distribute the green (literally) pod vehicles in North America. According to Green Car Congress, Zap has pre-purchased 50,000 of the cars, which it plans to import and sell. The first models, which will reportedly go into production in 2007, will run on flexfuel (gas/ethanol/caipirinhas), but Obvio!'s president says all-electric models will follow, likely in the range of $50,000, later on.

OBVIO! to Introduce Electric Cars to North America (updated) [Green Car Congress]


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