Obsessive-Compulsively Documented BMW Sold For $900

A big selling point for older cars is documentation. Though for most used cars, the line "fully-documented" in a classified ad indicates a glovebox full of assorted receipts from Meineke, Discount Tire, and Jiffy Lube. But in the case of this 1987 BMW 325i, "fully-documented" is an understatement. The E30 came with all oil change and service invoices, the original motor vehicle purchase contract, sales brochures, accessories catalog, owners manual, a vintage catalog from Dinan tuning, a receipt indicating installation of a Dinan chip and H1/H4 headlight conversion, and a thick BMW factory repair manual in mint-condition. Oh, and one more thing...

The pièce de résistance of the old 3-series was a highly detailed notebook that has record of every single gas fill-up. That notebook is so exhaustively thorough that for each fill-up it includes the date, mileage, dollars spent, exact amount of gasoline pumped, and even the name of the gas station where it was filled. That is some seriously obsessive documentation. And to think, the car was sold for just $900. Basically, the car was free with the purchase of the records. [VWvortex member mixedpartsbmx]


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