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Obama To Announce New Fuel Economy, Emissions Standard Tomorrow

Illustration for article titled Obama To Announce New Fuel Economy, Emissions Standard Tomorrow

According to Politico, the Obama administration's announcing a new national auto standards policy for 2016. The plan supposedly marries U.S. fuel economy and emissions standards to California polices and be supported by automakers and policymakers.


Details of the plan are still vague, but it looks as though it will standardize both tailpipe-emissions and CAFE mileage standards so carmakers won't have to worry about meeting numerous and sometimes conflicting goals. We're being told auto executives from around the world plan to fly their private jets to Washington for the purposes of gathering 'round Obama and singing Kumbaya.

Because if this works, Obama will succeed where no president has before — do exactly what every auto exec's asked for from administrations for decades while simultaneously making them all his bitch. [Politico]


Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Bill Hicks was on to something. All of California should fall into the ocean, so that they can stop ruining our fun and to create the utopia known as Arizona Bay.

And I voted for Obama...